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As a high school student and a writer, I’ve had a lot of experience with the internet, power point, and Microsoft Word. Teenagers are almost biologically attached to the internet, and I’ve spent countless hours typing and formatting away on Word to write books. Other programs, like Excel, I’ve used very rarely, and I’ve never had my own blog or website before.
I hope to learn more about creating, forming, and laying out blogs and to re-learn how to use Excel. I also hope to learn new tricks to my favorite programs and the best ways to implement them in my own classroom someday.
Today, I learned that I’m more of a reflective learner than an active one. I’m much more intuitive than “sensing,” and I’m more of a verbal learner than a visual. When it comes to global vs. sequential learning, I’m about fifty-fifty. After reading the descriptions, I think I am more global than sequential actually.


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