Blog Post #7

Almost every teacher I’ve had since middle school has used PowerPoint in class. It’s a wonderful way to present a lot of information to students in a quick, legible, and flexible way. I have no doubt that I, like my other English teachers, will use the software to show students vocab words, grammar rules and examples, background information on a book, play, or author, etc. PowerPoint’s also a tool students use to present what they’ve learned back to teachers and classmates. It’s so easy to use that it enables students to share more, organize their knowledge more, etc.

Adaptive technologies can be life-changing to so many people with disabilities. They allow people to learn and interact in learning in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I’ve never personally experienced an adaptive technology in my class, but I can see how it might be very difficult to use in my own classroom. Assuming my class is not consistent solely of students with special needs or disabilities, those few students who do need extra help may slow down class progress and take up my time with other students. Although assistive technologies help prevent this, I don’t think they are comprehensive enough yet to weed out all challenges that arise from having disabled students in a class with the general student body.

This week’s assignment was fairly simple and straightforward, except for creating a calendar. I love the choices weebly gives you in your site format and layout. They had so many fantastic backgrounds that it was hard to pick! In the future, I’d like to play with the site even more. I’m sure it has hidden gems waiting for me to discover and use, and I definitely think it’s a site I would use as a teacher to create my own site.

Screenshot (9)



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2 responses to “Blog Post #7

  1. I agree with your statements about about adaptive technologies, I think it is great for those few students in class who need a little extra help! YOur website looks great!

  2. Nice webpage. And I believe we do need adaptive technology for those who need it.

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