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As a teacher, I hope to maintain a class website (assuming the vast majority of my students have access to the internet). Uploading calendars to a website can be very helpful for students who are sick, going out of town, etc. I could also use my site to direct curious students to other resources that can teach them more outside of class, give students away to print out any lost homework assignments, etc. I’ve appreciated teacher websites as a student so I definitely want to use them as a teacher. It’s worth the time and effort to make one, if not to update it CONSTANTLY.

Using technology day-to-day is a basic requirement for most teachers. While it’s obvious how I can use it to teach my students, show them more examples, etc., it can also help me develop in my role as educator. The internet allows me to keep up with what’s going on in the world and in the trends of my students. It gives me access to so many resources that can expand my knowledge base, the way I think, and the information I can give to my students. It allows teachers to come together and share thoughts, lessons, strategies, etc.

Our latest assignment was somewhat tricky at first (probably because I didn’t follow the tutorial), but I eventually figured it out through trial and error. Still, I have to say this tool is not the most user friendly–at least not to loser users like me. Next time, I would definitely want to play around with it more so I could fully understand all its quirks. I doubt I’ll use wikis that much in the future, but who knows? It probably depends on what teachers I come across teaching and how they choose to share advice/information with each other.

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