Blog Post #2

Word and Graphics

During high school, I’ve mainly used MS Word to complete English and History assignments, writing essays, sometimes making quizzes or outlines. Indirectly, I’ve used MS Word even more because so many of my tests, quizzes, and homework assignments have been made using Word. My teachers have used it a lot to make their own assignments or tests because it is so accessible, efficient, and easy to use. Chapter 9 of our book definitely opened my eyes to how Word can make assignments even more engaging for students through the incorporation of graphics, charts, etc. The chapter also helped me realize that I could encourage my students to share their knowledge in this engaging way without having to spend hours and hours instructing them on how to do this or that. Since I want to teach high school, my students will already have the basics down pretty well, and just showing them a few new techniques on the program could make both their work and their finished products much more intriguing for everyone.

As a student, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to cite sources properly to respect copyright laws and avoid plagiarizing. As a student, I’ve also made a lot of mistakes doing this, but I’ve learned a lot and now know the proper formats, etc. Teachers of younger students would need to be patient about copyright and fair use because many kids don’t know the rules and need to be taught how to cite and why they must cite. Still, teachers have to be firm and clear about the consequences of copyright violations down the line. As a teacher, I should lead by example by citing my own sources in presentations I give, and I should always make sure my students understand the proper protocol.

I was surprised by the new things I did learn from the assignment this week. Though I’ve used Word to write for years, I truly haven’t taken advantage of all the graphics and charts. It was very interesting to see how I can add so many different shapes, graphs, and pictures, but I haven’t incorporated those skills into my outlook on the program. Hopefully, these additions will become more and more natural to me, allowing me to make papers more eye-catching and insightful. The practice will definitely come in handy someday as I make my own tests and quizzes, learning from my mistakes and enhancing the learning experience for my students.



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3 responses to “Blog Post #2

  1. I think it is really interesting that you realized you could engage and encourage your students to share their knowledge through MS Word, that’s truly a great idea for a high school class! Your students are going to prefer being on a computer in the first place. As you said before, this could also help cut down the amount of time you spend instructing them and could allow you to help them on a more personal level. Great idea! I also love that your quiz was about Disney!

  2. I would be good to add charts and graphs to your MW so that those who learn visually will have a better understanding on what you are teachinging.

  3. This sounds a lot like me never really used word except to write papers and assignments, but definately learned some new things.

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